3 Great Tips For Beginner or Young Goalkeepers

Full length portrait of teenage boy leaping forward and catching ball while defending gate in football match

In this article we will be giving you three tips for either beginner or young goalkeepers.

Tip 1: Covering Your Angles

Let’s discuss how to cover your angles properly. A lot of goalkeepers like to play in their net. However that is not a very efficient way of saving the ball because the net is a very large. Your objective should be to make sure you cover as much angle as possible. The more you venture out of goal, the more the player will not see any net. In which case the main thing to watch out is the chip shot. If they ball is chipped over you, you have to be ready to get back in your net very quickly.

Tip 2: How to not hesitate

A ball is crossed in from a corner or a winger racing down the touchline. Track the flight of the ball and make a firm decision to whether attack it. If you decide that you have chance  to reach the ball then commit 100%  to attacking it. Because if there’s an opponent coming to meet the ball, any little bit of hesitation is going give the striker the advantage in reaching the ball first and scoring on you.

Tip 3: How to cover a corner properly.

Corner kicks. This is very important because in a game this is one of the prime opportunities that the opponent will have to score. You should have your defender on the inside post, in case the corner taker tries to curve the ball inside the net. Your objective is to try and catch the ball and eliminate all possible threats. When the corner taker crosses the ball, start off in the middle of your 6 yard and attempt to claim the ball. If it’s outside of that region, let your defenders take care of it. When the corner is taken you will have a large crowd in your area and your job is to eliminate the threat. If you cannot catch the ball you should punch it and make sure it stays out of your area. When you jump, you want your knee to stay high, to protect you from being hit and eliminate the threat of opponents coming to the ball.

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