Category: Soccer Tips

Analyzing The Perfect Header

On December 19th, 2019 in a game where Juventus played Sampdoria, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a header goal by producing an astonishing 71cm (2 ft 3″) leap, meaning he reached a height of 8.39ft (2.56m) as he met Alex Sandro’s left-wing cross. As he made the leap he was focused enough to apply a firm header […]

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How To Always Score Penalty Kicks

If you want  to improve your penalties and score more or less every time here are some useful tips on how you can improve your confidence when you step up to the spot. We know from experience that in order to put the ball away you have got to practice lots and work to develop your […]

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Free Kick Techniques used by the Pros

Here we discuss techniques on how to take the perfect curving free-kick over a wall of defenders by breaking it down into five easy steps. Step 1.  Ball placement. What pros  like to do is try and find a neutral surface, by ensuring no divots or uneven surface will cause you to skew the kick. […]

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