Free Kick Techniques used by the Pros

Here we discuss techniques on how to take the perfect curving free-kick over a wall of defenders by breaking it down into five easy steps.

Step 1.  Ball placement.

What pros  like to do is try and find a neutral surface, by ensuring no divots or uneven surface will cause you to skew the kick. You will see pros do this by rubbing the ball on the ground in order to  find the neutral spot.

Step 2. The Run Up

The first thing to do is put your plant foot right next to the ball. That way you’re on track to position your plant foot there and strike through. Then take your steps back. The number of steps is determined by you and what you’ve determined is optimum in practice. Placing one foot behind the other gives a bit more balance as opposed to facing square to the ball on two feet. Standing square when you begin the run up  means you will be slightly off-balance. If you are more balanced and you can lean straight into the run-up.

Step 3. Aiming the kick

The third step is aim, so for example if you’re aiming for the top left-hand corner make it easier on yourself by giving yourself a target in the wall to try and hit. That target will be  closer to you so it’s a more achievable point at which to aim for. Say the opposing team puts up a five man wall then pick the guy in line with your ultimate target point and aim just above him, giving yourself extra room in case the wall is going to jump. Allowing for the jump, aim for about 6 inches above the head of the target guy in the wall.

Step 4. Observe the keepers positioning

Another thing is to always look at the keepers positioning. If the keeper is stood closer to the near post you may be more inclined to go for the far post. If the keeper  is stood on the other side, on the far post, then you can choose to go near post so you can kick with less power as you have a little more time to get the ball over the wall.  Most keepers will take neutral position though but it always good to keep checking the keepers positioning.

Step 5. Connection on the ball

Once you’ve got the run up set and  know exactly where you’re aiming  it’s very important to position your kicking foot correctly. Hit the ball with the instep of your foot. You want to try and keep a neutral swing through and connect the ball middle to bottom. If you connect too low it’s going to go over the wall but will not dip.  If you connect too high on the ball you’re going to hit the wall.  It’s extremely important that you follow through with the kicking movement as opposed to jabbing the ball. Doing so you’re  not going to get enough power, trajectory and spin from the ball to go up and over the wall.

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