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Lionel Messi’s Approach to the game.

  1. SKILLS.
    1. Messi skills effect confidence and creativity.
    2. Confidence: The Foundation of Messi’s game is his supreme ball mastery. When a player masters the ball their confidence grows.  Messi shows each week how ball mastery , is essential for; 1 v 1, running with the ball, shooting and first touch receiving.
    3. Creativity: Player’s like Messi who are creative can do unexpected things. They make the difference at crucial deciding moments in the game. Without the skill of ball mastery, it is difficult to lead creatively.
  2. SPEED.
    1. For his skill to be effective in a game, Messi  can “marry” skill with speed. Each week Messi demonstrates this with his ability to change pace and direction with the ball.
  3. SENSE.
    1. Soccer sense mean’s making the right decisions at the right time, and critically in the right place. For Messi this asset has come from his focus and concentration as well as his lifelong practice of the game.
    1. This  requires a high level of physical fitness.
    2. Strength requires dedication and hard work. Messi is a great example of a player who  consistently performs well due to his dedication to hard work in training as well as off the field with diet. He is one player that plays in every minute, early in every game.
    1. Means a winning combination of respect, sportsmanship and lots of courage. Winning and losing graciously. Messi is always trying his best making  him a model of these qualities.
    2. No other player can play soccer like Lionel Messi.  To watch him play you are seeing a player that is genuinely unique and one of a kind. Budding players can definitely learn from Messi and by working to apply the same attributes the can vastly improve their game.

Lionel Messi’s  skills have long been the key factor in many of Barcelona’s victories over the years. Messi certainly inspires us all to practice harder and improve.


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