Free Kick technique by Cristiano Ronaldo

Published on November 3, 2020 by

Knuckleball free kick
Learning how to take a free kick can be pivotal to your team’s chances of success, and there are not many better at the art of the knuckleball than CR7.

The Knuckleball free kick is the most unpredictable free kick to stop because the ball can spin anywhere. It is by far the toughest free kick to master. To have success with the knuckleball you have to hit the ball perfectly in the sweet spot (just above the middle).

The best time to make to use of the Knuckleball free kick technique is when you have enough distance to hit the ball up an over the wall, but not so much distance that the ball will inevitably start to straighten out.

Check out videos of Cristiano Ronaldo to see a modern master of the Knuckleball free kick. Then get yourself down to the soccer pitch, so that at the next training session you can show your free kick takers exactly how the knuckleball  is done.

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